Call for participation

Design Across Borders. United in creativity. Monterrey, Mexico

The Cumulus Association invites scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, and creatives from around the world to submit contributions for the upcoming conference on "Design Across Borders: United in Creativity." This event seeks to explore and celebrate the transformative power of design in addressing global challenges and fostering collaboration across borders.

Conference Theme:

The Design Across Borders: United in Creativity conference aims to be a celebration of the transformative power inherent in design—a force that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. In an era characterized by unprecedented connectivity, the theme of the conference embodies the spirit of unity, collaboration, and creativity.

By fostering collaboration and embracing diversity, the conference seeks to illuminate the ways in which design serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change, propelling us towards a future where creativity becomes a universal language that knows no borders.

Design Across Borders: United in Creativity is an invitation to dive into the depths of design thinking, to embrace its capacity to bring people together, and to witness the profound impact it can have on shaping a more harmonious and interconnected world. As we embark on this collective journey, we recognize that creativity knows no bounds, and through design, we can forge connections that transcend the limitations of space and time. Together, we celebrate the immense potential of design as a force that unites us in a shared pursuit of innovation, expression, and positive transformation.

Some of the questions that we are looking for answers are: In what ways does design transcend geographic and cultural boundaries to generate a positive impact?, How can design be used as a catalyst for positive social change in a globalized world?, Can design become a universal language that overcomes language barriers? If so, how can this be achieved?, How can inclusion and cultural diversity be ensured in international design projects?, What challenges exist for communicating design to audiences from different cultures?, How can design be used to promote empathy and intercultural understanding?, What role will design play in building a more harmonious and interconnected world?


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Track 1

Design for Change

Social Innovation · Co-creation · Participative Design · Sustainability · Diversity, Inclusion and Equity · Climate Change · Inclusive · Business Models · Circular Economy

We invite authors to contribute their research and experience to this transformative track, focusing on social innovation, co-creation, participative design, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, equity, climate change, inclusive business models, and the circular economy. Submissions will contribute to reshaping the discourse surrounding design's role in fostering positive societal change.

Track 2

Speculative Futures

Future of Art and Design · Technology · Immersive Experiences and Virtual Realities · Artificial Intelligence

Authors are encouraged to submit papers and contributions exploring the future of art and design, the interplay between technology and creativity, immersive experiences, virtual realities, and the implications of artificial intelligence. Your insights will enrich discussions on the speculative frontiers of artistic and design endeavors.

Track 3

Education in Art and Design

Educational Innovation · Interdisciplinarity · Global Collaborations · Digital Transformation

Researchers, educators and professionals are invited to submit their works and proposals on educational innovation, interdisciplinarity, global collaborations, and digital transformation within art and design education. Your contributions will shape the future of pedagogical approaches in the field.

Track 4


Global South · North-South Borders · Migration, Immigration and Displacement · Decolonization

Scholars are invited to submit their proposal addressing global dynamics, including but not limited to the Global South, North-South borders, migration, immigration, displacement, and decolonization. Your contributions will illuminate the complexities of a world interconnected through art and design.